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George Jucan recommends Cristian Enache REALTOR® 

I just posted this on your Facebook page, please include it on your own Testimonials as well: Having just purchased a property with Cristian I can attest first hand that he is an excellent real estate agent! Started by really listening to us and understanding not only what we thought we want, but also what's important to us, what is the lifestyle that we're looking for... Not only he was patient with us, but he also encouraged us to see more properties, even we weren't really considering them, to figure out what we want...We must have seen 20 houses until we figured it out, and then another 20 more until we found the right one. But the value of an agent is measured at closing time - and boy, did he deliver! He really found a way to get us the best deal possible, pushing to the limits but making sure we're not loosing the deal! Both me and my wife are really happy with all the services we got from Cristian, and we highly recommend him to anyone that needs a fighter in their corner!

Roxana Merticariu recommends Cristian Enache REALTOR®  

Great professional, very serious!

Madalina Balan recommends Cristian Enache REALTOR® 

Best in this field. I highly recommend him.

Ida-Mae Henley recommends Cristian Enache REALTOR® 

Cristian is very determined to get the job done to his customers' satisfaction...the first time.....Cristian is very reliable which proves this with his excellent negotiation and communication skills

Lucian Tuca reviewed Cristian Enache REALTOR® 


Noman Ehtisham recommends Cristian Enache REALTOR® 

Cristian is the right person for your real estate needs. He provides great consultation and options according to your needs!

Gabriel R. Damian recommends Cristian Enache REALTOR® 

Very professional, honest and dedicated to his clients. A person whom I trust and believe in!

Daniel Klein recommends Cristian Enache REALTOR®

Professional, honest and a great character!

Cristian Marari recommends Cristian Enache REALTOR®

Cristian Enache is a strong character, with a demonstrated professional attitude keeping his strong values always on top: honesty and proactive. For every challenge he was facing, in both professional and personal area, he was able to find his own motivation and resources to move forward.

I always find in Cristian a trustable partner, with a positive approach always ready to use his problem-solving skills.

Andra Nechita recommends Cristian Enache REALTOR®

Honest and ready to offer you the best solution!

Daniel Munteanu recommends Cristian Enache REALTOR®

A very serious and dedicated person, I know him for more than 20 years now. A real player, he has everything it needs to become a successful businessman!

Cristian Andrei Tanasa recommends Cristian Enache REALTOR®

He's the right guy for the job!
Always you can count on him,
He is an honest and a fair guy!

Daminescu Florin recommends Cristian Enache REALTOR®

A real pro and most of all an honest person 

Oana Misaila recommends Cristian Enache REALTOR®

Very professional and dedicated

Daniel Ursache recommends Cristian Enache REALTOR®

Highly professional.

Doru Al recommends Cristian Enache REALTOR®

Professional attitude, able to understand client"s needs accordingly to act promptly and seize the opportunity. I look forward to working with Mr. Enache again.

Bogdan Arsenie recommends Cristian Enache REALTOR®

Best in town!
Good to trust in!

Victor Holban recommends Cristian Enache REALTOR®

Best choice!

Petru Avram recommends Cristian Enache REALTOR®

Profesional advisor, fast solution...
Spot on!

Dana Viorica Turcanu recommends Cristian Enache REALTOR®

Professionalism, punctuality, seriousness, promptness and involvement!

Alina Alexa recommends Cristian Enache REALTOR®

Exactly the person you need!!!

Miron Dumitru recommends Cristian Enache REALTOR®

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